Executive Summary

Jay, owner of ProtoFinish, is a leader in model finishing services for clients like Keurig and the US Military. The fast-paced, high-value nature of their work meant that his team needed a manufacturing partner who could meet the quality and lead time demands of his valuable clients. For a service that could provide them with quick-turnaround services in a variety of 3D printing technologies ,at a reasonable price, he turned to Autotiv.

Experts in the impossible

Jay has been working with 3D printers and finishing models for nearly 20 years. At ProtoFinish, Jay and his team create high fidelity prototypes, develop specialty coatings and integrate electronics into models.  “Customers come to us for work you typically can’t get without going into production tooling.” Sometimes that involves a custom abrasion-resistant coating, or highly-specific color matching. They also help their clients bridge the gap to from prototype to production with cast urethane & silicone molds.


Time Is Money

Jay and his team move fast. “Time is money in product development” Jay notes. “There’s a huge advantage to whomever is first to market.”  His clients (large consumer product, medical device, military) know that, which is why “80-90% of our projects are always due yesterday.” ProtoFinish needed a reliable partner that could provide high-quality 3D printing with the fast turnarounds their customers had come to expect from them. “Machining just wouldn’t work for our needs. When you’re making a model with multiple parts, the cost for machining could be 100x that of 3D printing and the lead times are too long. 3D printing is the only way I can provide the service I do for my clients.” When Jay had a gap in his 3D printing service that needed to be filled, he was recommended to try Autotiv.


Just Another Friday

It was 6PM on a Friday when Jay called, with 37 unique parts that needed to ship Monday. Jay’s team was on a deadline for Keurig and needed to have them in hand by Tuesday to finish and assemble.

Within an hour, Chris from Autotiv had found a supplier who could complete the job. The parts shipped and arrived on time.“I was really pleased working with the Autotiv team. “ Jay says.

"I like the whole Autotiv crew. Everyone is go-getters. Their work ethic and style will put them at the forefront of 3D printing." 


jay-protofinish7_small.jpgPartnerships Drive Success

Jay was working with a  well-known automobile consultancy on a complex high-value job when he approached Autotiv. “They were looking for extreme quality.” Jay noted. “ They actually have 3D printing in-house but often have to outsource larger prints or jobs when they have too much going on for their capacity to handle.” The company had a tricky ask Jay admits. “They told me ‘We’re looking for  someone who can do higher volume, but they have be good; everything needs to be perfect.”


Autotiv and ProtoFinish collaborated to produce and finish everything in time for their client's deadlines. “In the end, they couldn't thank everyone enough” Jay says. “ We all helped each other achieve our goals and make the clients happy, and that’s what this is all about.”


It was the combination of fast, quality service for parts and Jay’s expertise and speed that was the magic sauce. “Good partnerships are important. Working with the Autotiv team is quality through collaboration. It's collaboration with top-notch partners like Autotiv that enables us to provide a better experience  for the end client, and if we do that, we can all help each other grow and be successful. ”


“I can see a big impact on our business going through working with Autotiv. From what I’ve seen it will provide a better experience for us and our clients.”


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